Interview with Sarah Barton, Ask Parents First

By Megan Caulfield

Ask Parents First are a parent-led group based in and around Birmingham.

According to their website they are “campaigning for open and democratic consultation with parents and prospective parents on school change, to include a full and binding parental ballot before a school can convert to academy status.”

I interviewed Sarah Barton, the leader of the group, to see how she got involved with the campaign and to find out why she is so against the idea of academies.

Can you explain who you are to our readers please.

How did you get involved with the campaign?

Why do you think the Bournville campaign was successful?

How is the campaign set up and ran?

Have you been involved with any other campaigns?

What are some of the biggest obstacles you face when running a campaign like this?

Why are you so opposed to the idea of academies?

9. In your view, are there any positives for converting to an academy?

What is the general reaction to your campaign?

If labour get elected, do you think they will continue to push academies like the coalition have?

What is the idea behind the parent ballot you are trying to introduce?

How far are you in your efforts in getting Birmingham city council to oppose the forced conversion of schools?

Can you explain what you mean when you say schools are threatened?

What do you see happening to ask parents first in the future?

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Sarah Barton, Ask Parents First

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